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Thanks for the Dakar thread on ADV. Loving it.

I found this on about Twilhaars towing adventure.
Google translate is quick and a bit rough but you get the idea.

"Sorry to call so late , but something came up." Those were the first words of Bas Nijen Twilhaar when he made the daily telephone call after midnight to the Netherlands . " But it was for a good cause.
Near the end of the special I found some Honda parts. I thought this is not right. I saw no other bike and no rider. But at the finish was a battered Honda of Joan Barreda . The bike was not running anymore. I could understand that because just about all the wiring was in half and the front and back were badly damaged. That must have been a huge crash .
The Honda did not start. With jumper cables from onlookers with cars they tried to get the engine going again but could not. He asked me if I wanted to tow him. I actually have not thought and immediately said yes. Little did I know that it was going to be 350 km towing.
I had a tow rope with me and have some experience with towing in the Czech Republic . A tow rope to the footpeg and then go.
Barreda wanted me to go fast, preferably faster than 100 km / h but the entire Honda management in three vans drove up behind us, panicked . Slowly , slowly they cried.
But Barreda wanted as fast as possible. The Spaniard was not easy because he had to steer with one hand and hold the navigation stuff with the other hand . At one point the front of the Honda broke off but we stayed upright. The people at Honda have loaded all the broken stuff in the van and Barreda was completely in pieces.
He has thanked me a hundred times , just as the team led by Honda . Only Henk Knuiman later in the camp, was not so happy . Had just let him stand , which had gained me a place he said. But I do not believe that Henk was serious.
After everything was cleaned up , we could continue on with the Honda vans behind us . Halfway on the connection , I think after almost 200 km, there was a checkpoint on the way . We missed it, by all the consternation . Luckily I saw it before it was too late. We went off the highway and back to a gas station to get that checkpoint . I have absolutely no penalty , and I want to keep it that way.
After more than five hours we reached the camp together.
The people at Honda have thanked me and said that they will drop by tomorrow. I will see. In itself, I thought it was a normal act to help someone.
And it 's something different. "
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