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welcome to the federal system jeff, its screwed up everywhere because of mis information. the ladies at the DMV had the right idea but this is a problem with multiple jurisdictions and rules not quite jiving with each other.

one of the OHV requirements say UNDER 1800 lbs, jeeps trucks ect dont qualify for that its targeted specifically at side by sides.

the dual sport is SUPPOSED to be excempt because it wasnt designed primarily for travel over unimproved terrain, or however its worded, it is a 50 state street legal motorcycle and can be ridden off road should the owner want to. they put that in there for all the dirt bikes, ATV's sandrails ect that were made street legal by the owner, there are LOTS of them in this state and that was the intention of the rule, however, its been misunderstood to include ANYTHING that can go off road.

primarily on road was meant for all the street bikes, it is SUPPOSED to be non OHV sticker and regular price registration.

its not a bad thing to buy the OHV sticker, i mean you get reduced registration to like $5 or something and at least some of the money is actually going where its intended.

you want the MC plate, but my Q to you,, should you check the primary off road box or not? if your riding off road, yes so you get the OHV tag and reduced reg fee, as you are now with primary on road you shouldnt have gotten the OHV tag and your registration fees should be regular price.

your not cheating anything, but since you'll get a ticket for not having the OHV sticker, even though its illegal to give you one (i got it twice but they were both dismissed) you might as well take advantage of the reduction in reg fees.
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