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I love listening to music or news or talk radio while traveling.

Never did it before my most recent bike, now I really like it.

I also have weather frequency on my radio, which is AWESOME when traveling through dicier conditions. One trip back and forth across Wyoming I was able to tell if the passes ahead were raining or snowing by listening to local NWS stations.

Bike: Harley Road Glide, all stock but aftermarket screen.


FF with Harley ear speakers velcro-ed in. This is my "night/desert" helmet. Speakers play as loud as I can take it.

3/4ish cop helmet. This is my day helmet. Much less buffetting and wind noise, and I use the speakers on the bike. Good to about 85 mph. Any higher and the wind noise becomes too loud to hear speakers very well.

My wife has a FF with the same HD ear speakers.
When we ride together she chooses the music, which means I normally turn off my speakers. Same with the intercom.

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