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Post mortem AUTO's

X-Raid... they came, they saw... they kicked ASS!

Originally Posted by DC950
great ride by Despres. Great to see Mike Johnson in too.

Now for the Mini Parade.

I'm out of here till the trucks.

Winner 3 years in a row.

1 2 & 3 on the podium.

8 cars in the top 10

all 11 cars that started finish (inside top 30) 100% finishing rate.

I'd say that's pretty much a white wash by the girl's cars that all the SPEED humpers were saying would get spanked beforehand, cause they lap up the caffienated US hype.

And now the sourgrapes cause the boss made sure his investment did what it was designed to...?

Sure, they did a hamfisted job of handling the PR and release around determining/announcing the team orders these last day's (they should have just clammed up and said nothing)... but it is NO different to the form finishes which VW or Mitsu have done in recent years, and EVERY bit as impressive (from the team performance perspective) as the VW efforts.

It is history now that Roma, Peterhansel and Al Attiyah take the flag in that order, and that they have - it is a great achievement for the X-Raid team.

All cars finished... 80% of the top 10, almost 50% of the top 20 auto's and just over 30% of the top 30 auto finishers... WERE MINI's

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