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Originally Posted by LadyDraco View Post
Lisa !!! Howdy....
So far it has been mild as for the SNOW part
But cold we have had our share...

How has yours been?? Hope all is well at your house hold...

Thank You on the Mocs....Monday I get to give them to him
Our winter has been cold as well - I love snow, so of course I don't think we've had enough (kids have had enough snow days though, at this rate we'll be making up snow days well into the summer.)

All is well at the little farm here, the animals are cozy and so are we. Boring is good, ya know what I mean?! HBs gonna be a very very happy fella with very very happy feet once he gets his new kicks, I'm way impressed that you made them; you are a jack of all trades!

Take care and hope to see you in the near future.
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