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For the 950's pump:

1, It only pumps constantly (ticks), when the engine is running. So if the engine is off, it'll only pump for a couple seconds (2-3) after the kill switch is flipped to the on position. This is for safety reasons. Ofc a direct feed from the battery will bypass the fuel relay / timing wheel pickup mechanism, and it should click constantly, but:

2, When the hose between the pump and the carbs pressurize, it won't pump anymore, unless the needles open in the carb. So, if the hoses are attached to the pump, it's normal that it only clicks one-two times.

3, if you have a pump failure, and have the fuel level high in the tank (till until above half), you can gravity feed the carbs if you bypass the fuel pump (connect the in/out fuel hoses at the pump with somesort of fitting, or the output line to the main petcock on the left tank).
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