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Originally Posted by emmodg View Post
FI wasn't on rally bikes in the day either. I'm sure there were riders that were saying the same thing: "What if my FI goes 'boom'? I'm screwed then!" Now we have sophisticated FI systems. Water cooled bikes took the place of air-cooled bikes. What if you loose your radiator?

Why they switched to watercooled bikes and more and more are switching to FI?
Because FI has proven to be very, very reliable and watercoolers, well, the advantages (more effective cooling, especially in low speed situations) simply overshadow the risk of damaging the radiator(s).

Now let's take Barreda's ride at this years Dakar.

How many times did he completely destroy his Nav tower?
2, 3 or even 4 times?
His coolers seem to have survived all this carnage (has there been a puncture?), the FI didn't make problems, either, unless I missed something?

Even though his Roadbook has been completely f-ed up a couple times he was still able to continue,
probably by literally ripping the paper out, at least one of the tripmasters still seemed to work after all every single crash he had.
Now if you had a all-in-one electronic unit, I doubt it would've survived all those crashes anywhere close to working condition. And how many spares are you gonna carry? They aren't exactly small units.
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