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Originally Posted by kirb View Post
Westone requires molds to be made by an audiologist, not some guy at a bike show booth.
I get that there are people with more training. It's just that the bike show ones (made with goo they poured in my ear), seemed to fit perfectly, and block the sound. Not sure if there's any way the plug shape could be improved.

I guess I could try...

I have never had better fitting earplugs...ever. They will make them right if they don't fit. My ears don't do the crush foam ones at all.
I need to pour water in my ear to get the roll up kind in. I have no-roll foam plugs that will go in fine if I wet the plug 1st.

Makes me wonder if your ear canal is shaped like mine. My ear canal has a tight bend in it. Custom plugs I've seen for other people don't show anything like that.
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