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Originally Posted by Bluebull2007 View Post
[B][COLOR="White"][SIZE="4"]The judges have adjudicated and BELOW are the results for the advrider, 2014 Dakar Dream Racer competition.[/S

I'm not going to chase you, if you don't contact me to claim your prize in 5 days, the runners up will be contacted in the order listed below to get yours.

Runners up are:

8 pebble35
9 guymanbro
10 Hohmie and
11 WIsixfitty

Well done! Close, but no cigar. I'll be contacting you if anyone does not claim their prize.
Oohhh. I'm so close to a top 10 finish. . . If two of the other guys have a mechanical in the next 5 days, I just might make it. Don't wad the bike. Don't wad the bike. Don't wad the bike. Ah, fack it, just goooooooo!
da Vermonster

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