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Originally Posted by DasMatti View Post
I don't think so.
Albeit couple of us dakar-nerds will remember it, most people didn't even take notice.
Next year at that time regular uncle joe will just say "Hey wasn't that the guy who won last year?".

Because we are so passionate about the sport we take deep offence what happend. But in reallity Sven Quandt hasn't done that much damage to the dakar and MINI as we want to think.


Next year the regular uncle Joe will say " Dakar? Isn't that a perfume?" or "Isn't that the race Robby always kicks ass at?"

People who pay attention to Dakar will still remember the way it played out.
However I would like to think that those people know this is also part of running a big team
in this race and that there is a long history of exactly this kind of thing so it is really to be expected even though a lot of us have a problem with the sporting aspect of this. Sven didn't do anything out of the ordinary they just bodged the public relations part of it and put a few racers in rather awkward positions and this in turn left a few of them rather sour.

As TSC said above team orders have played a part of the Dakar podium since the
introduction of factory teams and that is all there is to it.

History books will still say Nani won, and there is nothing that will change that.
But in the place like this there will always be that "*but he won on team orders...."
and this will also always play a part on his conscience.
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