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Originally Posted by Pete640 View Post
Ive had a good look at the SM's wiring layout and all of the under seat wiring (fuse/cdi/battery/etc) will fit into the storage area on the 950s (Adv) without too many problems. Infact its a better setup leaving room for a better arrangement of nav gear.
Now its just to confirm an external fuel pump or buy a 990 lh tank.???
A external pump ultimately IMO would be a better setup, however you will need to make sure that you are delivering the correct pressure (51PSI aka 3.5BAR). A 990 tank and pump will get you up and running. I ended up going with a set of 990 tanks and a SD pump because it just cost less through bartering and trading. I also wanted to have a 990 tank/pump setup for development.
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