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---Start rant---

I thought the Eurosport coverage was borderline pathetic and as for Carlton Kirby he seems to often get lost in his own words and also often lags the visuals by a margin.

The 6 or more minutes of talking cr@p to Loeb was a complete waste of time when there's actually a rally on and there's only 30 mins of highlights anyway, FFS, leave that for the interviews section!

They have hours and hours and hours of footage and keep repeating clips of early on in the race thoughout the reports.

Kirby and Eurosport clearly don't like women either, Laia Sanz's incredible 16th place overall and her progress during the race was hardly even mentioned and not once did they have an insert on her SHAME on them,

Lastly, whoever thought the over-exposed yellow flashes in the Eurosport coverage was a good idea should be strung up by his .....,
---end rant---

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