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Keep it about the sport guy's huh?

Ok... here's the deal...

This thread and the racing forum in general to highlight and discuss topic's to do with rally/off road-desert racing and other motorsport in general.

If you don't agree with a certain policy or topic; well healthy debate - or even heated discussion for that matter - has never really been "overly moderated" by any of the fair and just mod's that have presided here in RACING forum over the years. That is a forum policy/trend that I for one think is admirable and hope continues.

BUT there is a line. Personal disagreements and/or vendettas from here or imported from elsewhere, some other place DO NOT BELONG at

...and that's not just something that I, or any of the other mod's have dreamed up recently... it is a fundamental rule implemented from guy that own's the place. So please, let's all keep that in mind - we are ALL guest's here.

There is enough space (both in the real world AND here on for all types off off road motorsport to share; whether it is DAKAR and Rallies that float your boat, Baja/SCORE Racing, GNCC, Enduro MX and Supercross... or just plain n00bling along in your favourite riding spot just for the pure pleasure of it... THAT's why it is called Adventure Rider.

Keep politics, personal grudges and/or agenda's out of here and take them up in real space if necessary, and let the RACING forum continue to be a place to share and inform each other about the sport that unites us.
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