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1190 headlight

Doug.... to adjust the headlight you must first lower the plastic circular shield that fills the hole where the forks rotate in the fairing. This is the shield that the horn is mounted to. There are two screws roughly in line with the forks tubes in recessed holes.

With that down out of the way, you will be able to see, (mirror and flashlight), a knob that is X shaped below the lowest (high beam) bulb. That is the up and down. Turn clockwise to raise the beam, counter clockwise to lower.

The book setting is to have the top of the beam 2" below the vertical height of the low beam (top bulb) center when projected on a wall 16' away. Done with the load on the bike that is anticipated, driver, passenger, luggage, whatever. Note that this adjustment is for the LOW beam only. The High beam comes along for the ride

Obviously, you can put it where ever you want, but too high is surely going to get you the ire of oncoming traffic.. Feel free to PM me and I can send you PDFs of the relevant manual pages if you like.

On the speedo calibration front... I emailed Tom at TuneECU to confirm if the software was compatible with the '14 Adv. His reply... "TuneECU is NOT compatible with CAN-bus. To the current models of the KTM, we have yet no results." No word back from my nephew yet as far as the KTM diagnostic tool capabilities. He is busier than a one armed paper hanger so there may be a delay, but I will find out eventually.
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