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Originally Posted by Baja Dad View Post
I can not wait to do ALL three North American rally this year !!!!

April--- Diabolical Rally in the Northern Sonora desert ,Mexico Sr
May---- NORRA 1000 Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas ,Baja Cal
Sept----Baja Rally 2 Ensenada to who know where? Northern Baja Cal

You should be GREATFULL that we will have a Chance to ride on some of the Best land in North America and QUIT having a DICK Fight !!!!

All three teams that are putting these Rally's on are doing a GREAT JOB
I support All THREE !!!!!!
If I had the money for all three I'd do them too. We don't need to limit our opportunities on this continent, we need to expand them.

I'm still hoping to show up at Diabolico as a "non racing enthusiast" or crew member if I can work out the logistics. And I'm racing in the Baja Rally 2.0 (used to be I'd say "come hell or high water" but after Irene surrounded my house in 2011, I've retired that phrase)

See you FFs in the desert.
da Vermonster

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