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Originally Posted by COXR650L View Post
LOL thats true they did wear decent The crank seems fine, I dont really trust the micrometer I have (slide style) because it keeps giving me a measurement just over 50mm, and I dont see the crank getting bigger I am getting a dial style micrometer and will measure again, but Im guessing it will be in the top range for the red bearings, just under 50mm.

The rod bearing looked nice though Ill get a plastiguage measurement later today.

The valve springs are well over the 38 and 41mm limits. Will theses valves be ok to lapp back in.
Check the valves and valve guides for wear, look at the valve seats in the head and the hardened area around the the valve.

From manual,

Valve seats
The valve seats may not be impacted. Width of sealing seat: intake
max. 1.8 mm; outlet max. 2.0 mm. Reseat the valves if necessary.
Check the valve disk for wear and runout. The valve disk runout should
not exceed 0.03 mm. The valve seat may not be impacted. The sealing
area should be in the middle of the valve seat. The valve shaft is hardchrome-plated. Wear usually occurs at the valve guide.

Only lap the valves if needed, how I check, again this is me. Put the valve in give it a few spins so its seated, I then pour a little petrol or paraffin into the head and look for it passing the valves, if it drains away then a bit of fine lapping compound and work that sucker until no leaks. Don't mix the valves up if your going to keep um.

Its not like the old engine days of having to grind/seat valves in.
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