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Originally Posted by emmodg View Post
I'm sure bike engineers and builders would love to see less "clutter" to have to deal with and find room for. Imagine the KTM's sleek light-weight one piece carbon tower holding a single screen instead of 4 separate pieces of gear.

I hear ya' though. Each to his own opinion I guess... You see it as not happening, I see it as an eventual inevitability.
Why not getting the full nine yards and do away with all the cockpit gizmos and use Google Glases, or googly eyes as they should have been named ...?
Or one more on top, connect direct to your visual nerve system ....
And because Rallies then would become very fast why not use drone riders for safety? and remote control them from your couch via your PS4/XBox or Nintendo Wee
Or learn to play snooker ....

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