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Originally Posted by lnewqban View Post
Practicing emergency braking twice a year is not enough, twice a month is acceptable, twice a week is ideal.

The key about practice is not breaking any stopping record, but getting use to the way forces that a strong deceleration generates feel on your hands and legs.
I ride some dirt on almost every ride. Since the LEO presence is sparse, I tend to pick up the pace (a lot). So there's a bunch of heavy braking going on.

In the last three years, 35k, and 4 emergency braking events. Two in the dirt and two on pavement. They were full brake, muscle memory situations, I had no time for thinking (yes, I know, sumya are perfect and would have seen it coming ). All four ended up with the clutch in and engine running. Two with the bike in first gear and two ended up in 2nd or 3rd.
My point is: use the front brake for almost every stop. You want your reflexes to know where it is and how hard you can use it.

fwiw: I'm 66
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"BTW, I don't do style. It's a dirt bike, not some girlie dress-up thing." -

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