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Originally Posted by Qaz View Post
I have been reading these builds for about a year and like everyone else, I think: Man that is a good idea or I wouldn't do that. Let's face it, the BMW GS is a street bike and although the old Yamaha DT 250 was hell of a trailbike, it was limited on the road! As you move up in size and cc there should be a point where it all balances. The Versys and V-strom are good starting points but the KLR with the 650 twin engine offers more.
My question is: If you were to build frankenstien, what would it include and why? I think we need some guide lines, it must be capable of 200+ miles on a tank of gas, comfortable enough to ride 600+ mile days strung together (ie. Touring), keep up with highway traffic, nimble enough to ride single track.
Pick up a beaten DR650SE and drag it through

You can have a smooth-running DR790 with 400+ miles of range, a comfy seat, luggage racks, and suspension with fully-adjustable damping. Then fab some brackets to lower your passenger pegs and add touring pegs, and shop for some soft luggage bags with some PacSafe mesh bags around them. It'll run singletrack. It'll run slab for days at a time.
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