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I rode back as hell, thinking that the ride was over, that my buddy was down, and afraid of the worst sh..t.
I was doing high speed on the twists without thinkin on my own safety, just thinking on JC... oh sht.. when after some minutes I see a bike coming and I see is JC!!
Damn..! WTF? he is OK.!!?. we stop and I ask him what happened? he says he's OK, and I think the bus driver was wrong and was another some biker.. but immediately I see JC jacket and bike all beat up, his jacket torn and full of mud, the bike damaged on the right pannier and the signal lights twisted/broken and some other stuff broken... what happened JC?

he finally is able to talk and tells me that he got hit by a taxi driver, that he saw me when I just barely avoid the crash myself, and that after I passed, he flashes the lights and honked him, since the bastard did not care to look again for traffic and continued entering to the road...

then the driver saw him and stoped again to allow JC to pass, but at the very last second, the guy hesitated and let the car to go a little bit forward just when JC was maneuvering to avoid him, then with that little moving forward he did hit JC right pannier, and sent him on a discontrolled move, send him out over his bike... the bike did a 360 degree twist, JC flying over the road some 20 meters in front of the bike, and the bike dragging behind him..

he describes being draging himself on the pavement looking at the bike going after him.. and finally ending on the shoulder/ditch and the bike stoping right in behind him.. as he sees the taxi leaving the scene..

then he said he immediataly stood up and started to pick up the bike and the thrown stuff on the road when Andres and Efrain got there.. then he yells at them:

get that red cab that hit me!

Andres and Efra turn back in a chase for the taxi driver...

Then JC regains his thougts, and evaluates himself for injuries, feeling that he's OK, turn the bike on again and starts riding behind Andres and Efra to get the driver at large...

it happens that in his dispair he took the oposit way, towards where I was..

So when I met him he was very confused asking me for the other two riders... (at this point I still did not know what have happend) So I tell him, I have not see them, they are behind me and you, what you mean?

then he realizes he rode in the oposite way and tells me the story. So we rode back to find Andres and Efrain and find out what was going on with their chase on the taxi...

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