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So, we are riding very fast, when in one of the road twist we see Andres oncoming really really fast, and he see us and starts signaling desperately to turn Back! and follow him.. we (me) are thinking WTF?...

then right immediately shows up Efrain riding as hell also and signaling us as well very urgently to turn back and ride fast!!


I immediatly (and JC) pictured a scene of bunch of mayans chasing Andres and Efrain to get them.. My first thought was (knowing Andres) that he got the driver and "LE PUSO UNA MADRIZA" (got him beaten very bad), so I think damn! the locals saw the beat up on the driver and they are chasing us back!

hell! I got to go quick!

JC is behind me and turns back first, then I in my desperation I kill the motor and I'm having a hard time to turn on the bike again...

While I'm working on turning the engin on, I'm constantly looking at my mirror, just expecting soon the cars or trucks trying to get us...
JC is riding already and slows a bit when he sees my trouble... then I managed to start on Pata de Perro and rev as hell....

I'm the last one now, and riding like freaking "Need for speed" movie

chekcing my mirror, and picturing the APOCALIPTO movie in my mind...

did you watch Apocalipto movie? when the mayan guy is being chased to get him killed? well, I felt the same... We were in Mayan territory you know?

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