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After some 20 min riding like if trying to win the Dakar Race, we got to the outskirts of Palenque and stoped.

Jc and I got to Andres and Efrain and wanted to know what the hell happened.

Did you guys beat the driver? no mamen!!

Then they said:

The taxi took a detour on a secondary dirt road and after a while we got the driver and made him pull over, Andres in the front and Efra in the back of the car... we dragged him out of the car and started asking him why in the hell he left the crash scene and left a rider down pretty beaten up...
the driver turned out to be a teenager or barely 18, and he got freak out and was very scared, he said he got scared and left.

Andres and Efra asked him to turn back with them to check on JC and evaluate the damages to pay for them and for hospital attention, etc...

then they saw that out of the blue, a bunch of locals started to appear around them, asking what the hell they were doing with the guy...

they explained the situation and so on, then another guy showed up and said that he was coming from the spot where the accident did happend and he did not see anybody down ( JC was left already.. remember..?)

so the crowd started going wild and accusign Andres and Efrain of harrasing the young driver (some of them used the word kidnaping).... blah, blah... and started to turn around the situation. Now asking our buddies to pay for the car damages and other sh..t.

After many argumantation, someone put hands on Andres' bike asking to leave it there as warrant....
Andres immediately talks on the Scala Cardo to Efrain and tells him they need to get the hell out of there asap.

Andres takes his GPS (an older version that looks lilke a Cell phone) and give it to the guy that is grabbing his bike:

here, take my cellular phone as warrant , letme go to check on my buddy and I'll return to settle this issue...

they have the bikes on iddle, so as soon as the guy lets go his bike, they rev it, hearing back many yells like: wait! dont go, you must pay! get them!!

At this point Andres and Efrain did not know that JC was in good condition, so they are too concerned to get to the crash scene to get JC and get caught by the mob right there....

then... in their crazy escape they saw us in oposite direction, I think they got some relief on their dispair when they saw us.

Well, this quick update and seeing that no one got that far on the chase, we continued more relaxed to Palenque.

Looked for a hotel to crash since the Archeological site was closed for the day...

We booked on one of the many hotels right on the driveway to the ruins, and started to chill out with a nice dinner.... beer.... a pool time... beer...


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