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Originally Posted by Qaz View Post
My question is: If you were to build frankenstien, what would it include and why?

I think we need some guide lines, it must be capable of 200+ miles on a tank of gas, comfortable enough to ride 600+ mile days strung together (ie. Touring), keep up with highway traffic, nimble enough to ride single track.

1. Wide ratio 6 speed transmission with a low first gear.

2. Air cooled.

3. Minimum engine size of 350cc.

4. 40 RWHP, true HP, not Dynojet.

5. 300 pounds fully fueled.

How I would achieve that list;

1. TY350 transmission.

2. TY350 engine.

3. TY350 engine.

4. Turbo and fuel injected.

5. 7 gallons of fuel, nav tower, oil tank for pre-mix, integrated soft luggage should get me to 300 pounds which is the magic number for me in my experience. I want a little weight for good highway manners, yet light enough for single track.

Stay tuned to the 'Built, not Bought' section and I'll make it a reality.
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