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Originally Posted by slackmeyer View Post
Hey Refer John-
I was talking to my friend who runs all the D36 family enduros, and has ridden and set enduros for a long time. He said a couple things that I'll pass on:

My friend advised against trying the cow mt. enduro on a xr650l. Strongly.
Thanks ZAK for the heads up....However I have ridden
Cow mtn plenty of times on the XR650L- all single many peeps think this bike is HUGE. didn't this same frame win GNCC races, Baja...Jus Sayin. I have been riding big hondas in the tight stuff
for some time.
Hope that helps with a bit of local knowledge. Check out the offroad section in BARF, too, more locals active there. I BARF also, but ADV is where i spend aLOT of time

I've been meaning to respond to this for like 4 days now but I've been too busy all day and to tired at night.

If you've never ridden an Enduro the first few your time will probably be split between wondering why you never noticed how heavy an XR 650L is and being amazed at how fast 18 (24, 36) MPH really is on the trail.
YEP, the XR650L is heavy> when you ride slow< I don't, I stand and attack just like my MX days.

Also, if you come up on a bunch of dudes sitting in the woods along the trail for no particular reason, check there minute. Chances are there is a possible up ahead and their killing time so they don't burn it. If you find all on Minute 33 sitting along the trail and you're on minute 36? Wait until about 3 minutes after they roll and then move out again.
Great advice.
I've never met an enduro rider who was a total jackwagon............sign up, race, make some new friends................and someone will show you how to keep time. It's way easier in practice than it seems when you're reading about it.That's kind of what i was thinking [/QUOTE]

Originally Posted by roadracer View Post
Hey ReferJohn,
I'm going to do d36 family enduro to open the series as well. I've run a couple reset enduros but never a timekeeper so this will be my first time, too.
Nice, I have my race flyer filled out for the first famliy
enduro, hope to see you in Hollister

I do have a computer, but I'm going to try to do it with a watch for a while until I figure it out. I've read all the various descriptions but the mental math is non obvious to me and I feel like I just need to do it to find out what happens.
My ODO is the stock unit and does not reset up mileage or to the tenths, just resets to 0

Good luck
Roadracer we will keep in touch here as the event gets closer.
I am loving the fact that me a 40 year old with 36 years behind bars, riding whats is considered a out of date,heavy, slow dual sport is going Enduro racing.
I am capable, the bike is capable, Just want to finish.
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