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Originally Posted by Pate View Post

We use Mitas C02 and C05.

They are very good for long time off-road.
They work at F800GS about 10000 km.

To a travel place we go on any old tires.
We come back by asphalt with this Mitas.

They are offroad only tires.
They aren't intended for asphalt but quite for it are suitable.

C-05 80/100-21
С-02 120/90-18
С-02 130/80-17
Helo Pate.
Thx for your promt answer. From what i saw on the oficial website there is no 140/150 with 80/70 at 17. From what i remember from 2010 you had an F800 back then. Where you able to fit 130 on the back ?

End hijack.

Looking forward to see what's happening in your RR.
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