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The handbook that came with my bike had a set of charts included for torque, horsepower, hill gradients and gears, fuel efficiency. The most interesting to me was torque. The engine redlines at 5,750, maximum torque is 3,500-4,500, and best fuel efficiency is within that range. At 50 mph I get 80 mpg, at 57 I get 70. 57 is maximum cruising speed and redline. What seemed remarkable to me was the accuracy of the charts on such an old machine. I climbed a long 5% grade on the Interstate in high gear and maintained a minimum of 45 mph, exactly what the chart predicted, max grade and max torque. The engine was in perfect condition with the advantage of synthetic lubricant. I had not intended to be on that section of I-89. I got on one ramp too soon.
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