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Howling blizzard rushed outside the tents all night.
It calmed down closer to the morning and we could sleep for an hour. We woke up in the milk fog.

Natural vegetation surrounded us all around.
Crew members reluctantly crawled out of their cosmic night cabins and hung out wet suits in the hope of drying it a little.

The night was 3 degrees hot (37 °F)

While we were preparing breakfast and carried out minor repairs,
the nature was looking for our vanity and decided to thin out clouds.

We found the remains of ALIEN near the camp. Apparently he walked at night on trail of us and was preparing attack action.
But he was exhausted and died in the rocky ford. Not everything in our galaxy is such agile and heroic as WE.

Altay Hunter asks Che not to use his famous "death in the valley" camera.

Pate suggested a short road to the hunter. The hunter went to the specified track with astonished face.
We have not seen him anymore.

We see glimpses of blue sky - it's time to move.

The surface of the alien planet was harmless at first glance, but it harbored many obstacles.

And here at this clearing our path diverged.
I like "honest darling" heroically burst on the track which climbed into the mountains,
and others inattentive members led by Che went on a flat valley. What can I say,
at first I thought that everything would be easy. But a couple of drops on the roots changed my opinion.
Radio contact was stable and it gave me some extra confidence in my solitary voyage.

Having got out on the ridge, I stopped in front of quite a steep cliff.
I could see a lake and a hut at the bottom. The proposed track was moving forward persistently.
And there was a goat track. But it was clearly one way only (for wheeled vehicles).

I went on walking reconnaissance.

At the bottom I found a waterfall and a ford, which required a strong hand of a friend, or better two of them.

“Bypass” group stuck as well. At this moment our space trooper snatched a prisoner and extorted the secret of the right way.

My return was even more enchanting. While crossing the tiny brook my bike fell off a cliff,
taking me with it. It was ten meters of rocky scree to the footpath. Fern-like plants with size of Andrew.
I’m unloading, pushing, falling, lifting, pushing, dragging ... Finally I managed to get on the footpath by traverse.
Using radio direction finding I found meeting point and we finally moved in the right direction.

We crossed this river 15 times and each next ford was deeper and deeper.

Everyone was elated and, dare I say it, joyful.

Andrew Big said that those who truly want to learn Latin dances, well, like Paso doble,
need to train coordination and balance. You can’t find better place than a mountain stream.
Don’t argue with Big! Well, something like that.

We came to maral farm (Siberian deer). The offer to taste the meat was handy. So it will be a rest day.
Valera was glad to us, and we were glad not to go anywhere - this is a consensus!

Che was cold and when he heard that we would not go, he immediately took a warm collar out of his bag.

Shouting ‘I’m the most tired today’ A_Big ate with unwashed hands almost the entire bowl of delicious moral meat,
while others waited for cutlery. For which he was smacked by Che.

Grom eats vegetarian strawberry jam

Marals glanced at our feast with caution. And when Che turned on music set they run away.

A rest day is good for repairing. Abbott nicknamed "half the bucket" made the visor!
Our stocks of firewater decreased significantly and rain and warm stove helped it. The rest day is a good day!

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