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OK, I'm going to admit to not having read the whole thread, so sorry if some of this is repetitive.

First point: the MSF is a beginner rider training class. Even the ERC is a fairly low-level of rider training when compared to the full spectrum of riding skills including all varieties of competition.

The MSF BRC curriculum is designed to be comprehensible and executable by absolute noob riders. The goal is to create scripts in the riders head that work adequately to control a motorcycle in most circumstances.

It is emphatically NOT the ultimate in riding technique.

The same reasoning applies to the curriculum taught in my own school, Motorcycle University. Let me be clear: I'm not disrespecting MSF.

You must walk before you run, and that is how it has to be.

I am also a 14-year veteran instructor with the Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic. Lee has 3 levels of classes - the 2nd level class includes a segment on hard braking.

With that cirriculum, I commonly see students shorten their braking distances by HALF or better. Some of that is a willingness to increase their threshold, but with many of the students, the biggest improvement an unlearning of the beginner dogma.

I strongly recommend reading the Total Control book, and taking the class afterward.
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