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My parents absolutely forbid me or my brother to even get on a motorcycle much less ride one ourselves despite growing up in the country. It was supposedly way too dangerous, guns on the other hand, no problem, go have fun, and so it was for 40 plus years .

A few years ago wife and I were at the remembrance party for a running club friend who died in a parasailing accident and I decided it was now or never. Told my wife the next day I was taking the MSF safety class over the Labor Day holiday weekend and buying myself a motorcycle.

Passed the class, got the endorsement on license and bought a Honda Shadow 750 with loud pipes and red flames on the tank from Craigslist and rode it for 2000 miles or so. Learned to hate those loud pipes and the cruiser riding position too so it got sold. Bought a Wee-Strom because my friend had one and it felt like a really big mountain bike with suspension and off road capability. He also said they were really reliable like the Honda so you donít have to work on them much.

Now wife and I both ride our own Wee -Stroms.

Still haven't got around to mentioning anything about motorcycles to my parents yet.

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