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Good points.

I was taught, and have always, pulled the clutch in when braking hard. Engine braking on a motorcycle is negligible. On my bike its less than useless. My bike is on its nose under hard braking, the rear wheel isn't in contact with the ground.

Downshifting allows you options you wouldn't otherwise have. Why throw out half your options when you don't have to. Brake hard, but be ready to get on the gas to get out of the disaster about to happen around you - and to do that you need to have downshifted.
Downshifted to the right gear. MOST people can't judge gear to speed well. You may not want to be down to first when you let the clutch out. Most bikes are capable of skipping the back wheel on abrupt downshifts or over downshifts if they don't have a back torque limiting clutch. Not a problem on dirt , asphalt's another story. Dirt you can instantly drop several gears and dump the clutch , the wheel just hops. On asphalt I downshift one gear at a time and release/dump the clutch , downshifting as quickly as possible. Sometimes you DO have to get out of the way after quickly stopping for a pullout or the guy behind you'll run you down.
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