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Cool2 "Adventure" is subjective

If you've jumped out of airplanes thousands of times, it isn't an adventure any more. If it's your first, WOW! There are 4 components to a good ADV bike: comfort, power, agility and reliability. I guess that could be said for any type of bike, but ADV more so. As I collect more calendar time, I don't yearn for "adventure" like I used to. At this point, I am very happy with a Wee-strom with seat mods, handlebar mods and appropriate Givi luggage. It has performed well in all the above categories and I get close to 60mpg with it on the highway. I've considered other 2-wheelers (Yamaha Tenere) but keep with the Wee because I now have it set up as I like it. After coming from many younger years with KLRs (which I revere), it gives me that same feel but with greater comfort. That should be worth 2 cents.

Never trust a naked airline pilot....

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