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Tony Fernandes says that if Caterham show no progress then this will be his last season in F1.

On the one hand, does anyone care about a perennial backmarker? On the other hand, Fernandes makes valid points about F1's lack of competitiveness.

Running a football team, despite suffering QPR's relegation from the Premier League last season, gives Fernandes the perfect opportunity to realise the differences between the two sports.

"The sport has to examine itself," he said. "I'm in a fantastic position to see two sports football and Formula One. Every week I go to a game nervous as hell, whether we're playing Yeovil, Doncaster or Leicester, because football is unpredictable.

"It's no secret people are paying more money to watch football, TV rights are growing, global audiences are growing, so what are they doing right that we're not doing right in Formula One?

"We spend all our time looking at how long a piece of pipe is, Kers etcetera, but the racing stays the same, with the same three or four teams there winning. There is no underdog who comes in.

"In football, what's great is a Yeovil going into a cup game and beating a Manchester United. That can happen in football."

Highlighting the introduction from this season of the double-points system for the final race in a bid to liven up the title, an exasperated Fernandes added: "That is a fake fix. What's better is to solve the issue and make the racing more compact so a Sauber, a Lotus or a Force India could cause an upset.

"That's what people like to see, what people like to watch, and that is what is missing in Formula One. The gaps between the haves and the have-nots has made racing boring."

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