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Suddenly it was morning in my head. Those who met this phenomenon will immediately understand
that the rest day has been used for the benefit of the soul, but was harmful to the body.

We found out that some of the fords we can try to get around by "PRITOR" as the locals call
the horse trail along the rocky banks of the river.

Pritor’s were sometimes in fair condition, but there were a couple of areas where debris
flows came down to the trail and turned it from uncomfortable to a really scary path!

Highway to the first ford was like five kilometers of hellish mess of mud, streams, boulders,
grass and ruts. Our load prevents to go fast and slowly shake out all the innards. That was a warm-up.

The first ford made us puzzled. Armed with a stick and wrapped with a rope I crossed to the other side.
But how to move the bike remained a mystery.

I trod the exit path from the river and walked up to the second ford – it has not become easier.

The same time A_Big and Che groped about ‘pritor’ on the rocky bank.

While we dealt with ropes Pate performed snow leopard jump with immersion into an icy river.

We lost the free end of the rope and Pate caught it like spiderman. And we had to wring out him.

We decide collegially to go by ‘pritor’. There were places where we had to manually adjust the trajectory.

An awkward situation: I was trailing. Side bag catches a snag in the grass.
The result is invigorating – I flew off a cliff. Luckily I hooked for another snag.

Especially on the trail here and there's not a train, only help in a pinch. You can’t go to and fro on a path.
And the help is only in a pinch. So I was taking it out for twenty minutes.

Do you see the road? The correct answer is NO. Glacier sweeps everything indiscriminately on its way.

An attempt number five. You have to make a standing jump to a diagonal wall on the wet grass.
Welcome to rusian romaniacs.

Another special avalanche stage.

Suddenly, out of nowhere - there is ****** BRIDGE! That's good luck, this is a godsend!
This means we have 2-3 kilometers walk without bathing in ice water.

But every land segment comes to an end. And that means ‘Be nice! Come into ice water up to the balls!’

If you manage to suck the balls into the body, the ford can be 5 cm deeper.

When you’ve crossed yourself, come back and help to a friend.

Sometimes we’re able to rest on the river pebble, to think about eternity, to shoot multiseries blockbuster.

We used the second Valera’s prompt! A disguised bridge in a hundred meters from the ford.

Grom is thinking about XR250

And there is raging Altai nature all around. Mushrooms do not want to release us from the forest!

And this rocky ledge will go down in history of astronautics as a springboard for spacewalks without a spacesuit.
Returning from exploration on someone else manned module Andrew did not consider the features and
performance characteristics. The result was quite enchanting.

The second attempt to take the rock also failed.

We unwound the space rope and having applied artiodactyls member’s force we climbed on trail.

A_Big shows us the tong to confirm that it is not like he ate blueberries around the corner,
but he really went to scout inaccessible asteroids nebula.

Here came good news. GAZ-66 moved out of the village to help us. Valera asked for us.
We could pass the remaining two fords by ‘pritors’ within two days.
Several rocky landslides completely mixed the existing trail.

In the rush of handling we missed A_Big’s cosmological sneakers, but this is another story.
Radio contact is stable. GAZ-66 drowned in the ford. Transportation of the second group is postponed indefinitely.
Burner, stew, pasta – we are waiting for the shuttle. Evening.

The ride in the body of GAZ-66 with not fixed motorcycles is probably scarier than many things on earth.

Terekta village. The solid earth road under the wheels – it’s fantastic!

The wheels are spinning toward Tungur. We’re turning our heads from side to side.

We arrived to Tungur at dusk and captured a comfortable bridgehead with bath and shower.
Life is getting better.
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