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I have not read all the replyís so if I repeat sorry but here is my .02 ( just general time keeping stuff I only ride SoCal Enduro )

1. Ride on your own minute do not relied on someone to set your pace. Ok idea for someone not sure about enduroís but you have already committed to it you will learn much faster by making mistakes and learning why you just burned that check. At resets you can still ask guys on the min in frt or behind you questions. But a lot of guys are real nice when things are going good but be careful when they are not.
2. There is a free program on the internet to build your own roll chart from the route sheet supplied by the club a week or so before the event. This will give you a feel for the event maybe itís a Zen thing building your own roll chart it helped me.
3. The XR may not be the perfect bike but I have seen some guys do just fine with it. There is only one guy to ask if it is the right bike for you and that would be you at the finish line of your second Enduro

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