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After reaching ABQ the first thing we did was to get the KTMs out of the storage and do the rest of the work on them I couldn´t finish last time.

Changing the rear sprocket on both bikes.

Then we wanted to head south the next day.
That’s when things started to somehow go wrong.
In the morning there was small oil puddle under my bike. Shi… The shock was leaking. It did stop to leak after we kept going but who wants to go to Baja with a shock that isn´t ok. So we would have to find someone who could do a quick rebuild on the way. The next thing was that both bikes had problems starting in the cold of the morning. I have had that issue already but on Sandra´s bike it was new. We finally got them running and then the next bad thing happened. We took the road to Flagstaff to spend the night there not knowing that we would be at 2110m (6910 ft). That was a big mistake. It was freezing. Most of the ride was pretty cold and the night was below 0°C. There was ice on the seats. In order to get my bike running I took it into the motel room for two hours in the morning.

When I went outside again I saw that this time there was a bigger oil puddle under Sandra´s bike. Her shock leaked too. What is going on here? Well we needed someone to do my shock so he could do Sandra´s as well.
Icy ride out of Flagstaff.

When we reached Phoenix (it was much warmer after we came down from the mountains) we stopped at a McDonalds. We needed Internet. Since it was Monday an most bike dealers and workshops were closed (are we lucky). It took some time until we were given Bob Tod´s number. I called him and told him what we needed and he said he could do it immediately but wasn´t sure if he had the right seals. He gave us directions and asked us to come to his place so he could have a look. A couple of minutes later we were standing in front of his house and he came out.

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