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I've put taller gearing on many bikes, trucks, etc.
My Commando 850 has a 22T front sprocket, gives a lovely 3,000@70mph cruise, 4,000@80mph if I'm in a hurry. I gladly give up the dragstrip performance to achieve a better cruise, super slab is a reality to get places, and I RIDE it! Same with the TX750... up 2t in the front, down 2 in the rear.
Many times, gearing is dictated by "worst case scenario", that is, until recently, most touring bikes had to be geared low enough to be able to haul two people AND gear, 55mph, uphill, in mountainous terrain...
FINALLY, they offer tall O.D. cogs on some, for leisurely cruising on flat ground, and at higher speeds... the peril being, if the customers don't head the "WARNING!" In the manual, the lugging could destroy engines under warranty.
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