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[QUOTE=iamcanjim;23265865]Whenever a new bike is introduced, members here wail and go on about how high the bike will be revving at 80, 90 or 100 mph.
QUOTE] guys would argue if the sun was going to come up tomorrow.

The answer is no more complicated than there is no 'correct' gearing for a motorcycle. The manufacturer sells the bike with both gearbox and final gearing that they feel will be ok for most buyers. If its a birt bike, will the bike be used to grind along narrow country trails, or used as a commuter at fast freeway speed. The manufacturer doesn't know what it'll be used for so just sells the bike with a final gearing that is halfway between both tasks. The best final gearing will depend on what it is going to be used for.

For a road bike, does the rider want the bike to perform like a track bike, or cruise comfortable along the highway. Different gearing will give different outcomes. Neither is wrong or right, they are just different.

Experiment with different gearing on your bike and decide for yourself what best suits how you want the bike to perform. I have set the final gearing of my bike lower primarily to have more useful gears in the box. Race teams spend a lot of time setting up different gearbox and final drive grearing for every different track.

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