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I started riding on 150cc thumpers, getting anywhere meant I'd redline them on every single gear and I'd run them at the redline for extended periods of time if I got on a boulevard or the highway. Those little engines were meant to do that, they were perfectly happy screaming right at the redline for 60 minutes at a time.

Were they stressful? Hell yes, not because of the rpms, but because of the lack of power. Work your ass to pass that truck just to be passed by that same truck just because you got a headwind...

Then I got into sportbikes, they are meant to rev, I'm just fine with them revving high. I've done 8+ hour days on sportbikes, revs are not a problem.

Then I got a Vulcan 900, try to get that biatch to rev and you'll regret it, it will try to vibrate your teeth fillings out and it won't go any faster in the process. That is an egnine that is not meant to rev, I'd understand how that could be stressfull on a long trip...

And then I did a 6000 mile trip on my XT660R thumper, it's actually smoother if you go faster.
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