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Originally Posted by windmill View Post
Its just the way it is.

Go ride a 250cc bike 70 mph at 6500 RPM's for 500 miles on the freeway, then ride a big displacement cruiser 70 mph at 3000 RPM's for 500 miles on the freeway.

It will be self explanatory.
...still depends on the bike, not engine size.

My current ride is a TU250X and it's more of a pleasure to ride at highway speeds than either of my DR650's were or my old GSX1100G (with large windshield) ever were, mostly because it's super comfortable and it's set up for touring. It's flick ability/maneuverability is much less stressful than man handling a larger bike and, it's even more stable in crosswinds than other larger bikes I've owned.

Higher revs be's one of the most relaxing bikes to ride, I've ever owned. (on the interstates @ 65+ included) She can stay pegged @ 75 for hours and not really feel taxed at all (even if that usually is her top speed)
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