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Day 2.

I was up and ready to go by 0700. This is a big day. The MIghter DRís 600 mile service, is here. Wilmington has a good amount of staples to choose from. I went with Honda Suzuki on 5725 Market street. I was told it would be $163, and they would need it overnight to look at the valve (engine must be cold). So I was told it would be ready around 11:00 on the 22nd. I hate to miss a day of travel, so Iíll see when Iíll be able to pick her up tomorrow. Drop off mileage was 556 miles.
So, my upper back (traps) are kind of sore, and my finger muscles are kind of sore from yesterday. Iím surprised that my neck is ok. The helmet I had on was golden until the last hour or so, then some mild irritation started to appear. My lower back is fairly swore also. Iím surprised my calves are not swore. The ride over to the garage was interesting. I felt like my feet had more sensation than yesterday. I could feel the shifter lever so much better. I had the same type of socks on. It really did not fell lighter with my gear off, granted, I've not been WOT with the MC.
After dropping off the bike, I was able to go into Home Deposit and look at their tarps. I picked up a 16íX20í light tarp (not medium duty) it felt like it was about 3 lbs or so. I think this size would be the minimal displacement for my lean to needs.
Tarmac: about 8 miles
Off road: 0 miles
Total miles: 8 miles.
Total cost: $42.78 (for tarp)
Total miles/tour: 341
Total cost/tour: $50.07
Day count: 2
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