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Originally Posted by iamcanjim View Post
From outside the hobby, it is easy to see that most modifications we make to our vehicles decrease the usability, not increase it.

Most mods made to diesel pickups (bed stacks, lifts, chips) actually make them worse.

Most mods made to ricers (lowering, fart cans, body kits, spoilers) actually make them worse.

Unfortunately it is probably the same for motorcycles. We just can't see it because we are inside the lifestyle.

Lets see
~shorty levers, because I ride 2+2 and never four finger controls
~higher rigid pegs because my feet slip off the stockers and I need GP shift to getting my big ass feet under the shifter in some left corners causes foot to ground interface that I can get around flipping the shift pattern
~most bikes are tuned close to dangerously lean which makes low end response shit
~aftermarket exhausts remove 20lbs (in the case of my 675) from high and on the tail of the bike, the last place you want it.

That is just the track bitch, and for what I usually use it for it is hands down better for what I use it for.

For the Speed Triple
-1/+3 cogs, because frond wheels should last forever That I don't give a shit about going 145, I want 0-80 and I want it now.....and it still gets about 38-40mpg highway, enough to get about 170 miles if I need to.
Daytona engine internals.....yeah, hands down better, higher compression, higher redline, better sleeves better machine work...
Porting/milling the head.....yeah more compression better flow (sadly the Speed Triple/Daytona of that era have not even close to enough airbox for the engine)
I have a high mount on it, because I like burning the back of my right boot....oh that and you shouldn't block SSSAs...ever
Suspension, me and the suspension on that fucker are going though generation 3 thus far, this time I'm going full retard, GSXR forks, AK-20s, Penske shock, 1050 swinger.

.......may not be better to you, but its damn sure better for me.
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Show folks something with a clutch and carburetor, and it's like teaching a baboon to use a Macbook.
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