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Based on your photo spread, you'll fit in just fine. Cost of living is very high, and work that pays well is pretty scarce. WL Gore, the University, USGS, Forest Service, National Park Service, and assorted other Federally funded outfits. THe hospital is a big hub, and supports a substantial portion of the middle class (also Federally funded, arguably) Housing costs an arm and a leg. Median sales price is over $250k. Williams and Winslow are near by, and much cheaper, but I cannot recommend them. Plenty of good riding around, politics with the Feds probably no worse than anywhere. They are on a big kick to expand wilderness locally, and just closed most of the single track a year and a half back. Plenty of 2 track in every direction. Know as the Ghetto in the Meadow, based on cost of living.
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