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Originally Posted by squadraquota View Post
Hi Darryl,

very interesting product, I am convinced the future of lights is in led...

a few questions: if I am right, USA models have a different reflector than Euro bikes, correct?

Although I am not 100% sure on OEM bikes, I do know that the EU Hella reflectors that we use are different than the USA reflectors due to the opposite driving pattern.

You said the led will perform roughly as well as a HID bulb; would that comparison still be valid for a euro reflector?

Yes I see no reason it would preform any different.

And am I right to conclude that one led is used for both low and hi beam? If so, how is that done? By feeding more power to the led by using both hi and low beam wire?

Yes the bulb is used for high and low, It has three 10 watt Emitters, During low beam operation two emitters are lit, at high all three are on. I misspoke in my earlier post about 10 watt low and 30 watt high, Its 20 low and 30 high
On bikes using a h7 or bulb that is not a dual element(high and Low) we can run it on high getting the maximum output.

What about headlights with separate bulbs, like on KTM990? I am asking because I have replaced low beam bulb with HID, but don't want an extra ballast for a hi beam HID. So this lead could be a very attractive replacement....
Also, any comments on how performance will be in a hi beam reflector?

On bikes using single element multi bulb headlights, we can run this led on high getting the maximum output. The performance in any reflector will be better than halogen and very close to HID. apples to apples

looking forward to the test results, have subscribed....

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