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I used to be of the low-revs-only school too. I think it has alot to do with the archetypal sound of motorcycles many of us grew up with- apart from dirtbikes and sportbikes, which are depicted and fragile race machines, the single archetypal motorcycle sound is a chugging harley v-twin or a british thumper.

Even if we grow past the stereotypes and become part of real motorcycle culture, I have a feeling that impression sticks in many of our heads until we're trained out of it by owning a bike that's meant to rev comfortably at higher RPMs than a long-stroke, old-school aircooled bike.

Not to say that low revs are bad for engines. An engine does best in whatever operational range it was designed for, and the "sweet spot" can be anywhere in that range depending on cam design, timing, compression, etc. Every two-stroke bike I've ever had was in the sweet spot for cruising right when it sounded like a miniature supersport screaming at redline, to no particular ill effects. My XT likes a nice 2500-4500, with the sweet spot at about 3400. And some of those old HD longstroke twins have the same rev limit as a modern diesel truck and can't rev for anything, but can chug quite happily at revs that would cause other bikes to stall.

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I am too. Thats why I DRIVE my truck on super slab. If your bike is spending any time on super slab,you're doing it wrong. Just sayin...............
Some of us don't have, and/or can't afford, a car, truck or other form of cage.
Or we may have one, but have to share it with other people and use the bike as our primary transport, like me.

Not everyone uses bikes as toys, even here in the USA.

Just sayin'...
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