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Need help with sample GPS files from different units and manufactures


Currently Rally Navigator will import a GPX track to create a route - We are working on a feature that will also allow a rider to manually drop waypoints in your GPS as you ride along a route. When importing both the captured Tracks and Waypoints to Navigator in a GPX file, these dropped waypoints will become Navigational waypoints in the road book. For example, riding along and marking a ditch, turn, landmark, etc.

We have this feature working well when using my Garmin GPSMap60cxs.

GPX file types have quite a bit of variation between gps units, desktop software etc.

I need a few more sample gps files for our developer to analyze so we can support more units and GPX oddities.

Can a few of you guys go ride a (or drive in your car) a 10-15 mile route and drop 10-20 waypoints along the way and send me the GPX and Garmin (or whatever brand you are using) files?

Please send the files to and include details of what gps unit and desktop software you used.

Thanks a lot!
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