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Originally Posted by Kommando View Post

I don't recall me being the individual not able to handle running slab using anything less cushy than a truck, Muffinbutt. The wind doesn't bother me. The noise or vibes don't bother me. 1K+ miles in a day on a dualsport seat doesn't twist my panties in a knot, but somebody else mods their bike or rides it in a way that you don't approve of and you get enough sand in your mangina over it that you're makin' pearls and calling their riding habits stupid and/or wrong.

AdventureTrucker, huh? That seems stupid and wrong when gas is $4/gal and you're not hauling anything over 2K lb. A decent car would be more economical, sportier, and probably more comfortable

Why even bother riding anything over 600cc?
There's nothing adventurous about droning along a superhighway. If you think there is, like I said, you're doing it wrong Snowflake.

I ride for the enjoyment, not the get from point A to point B.
Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun.

Another day, another foot injury!
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