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Originally Posted by randyo View Post
you are ignoring the fact that iamcanjim prefaced each statement with the word "most"
and btw, while your mods may work for you, they decrease the usability for most riders and most uses

For the Speed Triple more power and a higher readline is a decrease in usability? Better suspension? Longer fork travel and adjustable ride height?

Less usable?

Originally Posted by Road Hound View Post
If you truly love Riding, you'll learn to enjoy every mile you ride. It's not always about the road, sometimes it's just you and your bike. I've been at it for over 40 years and I enjoy it all.
I enjoy most riding.

However, fuck if I'm going to sit light to light for an hour and a half when I can hop on the 5 and be out of town in like 20 minutes. I'm going to to go with the assumption that the super slab haters don't have major cities to deal with on the way out of town.
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