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Originally Posted by Albie View Post
When I lived in TX I loaded up my bike in the truck and drove to AR every other w/e. What's the big deal? Besides, if I rode up to AR, I'd already be on cord before I got halfway back. It's as much a matter of safety as it was comfort.
If you can't get over 2K miles out of tires, you're doing it wrong. It seems stupid to use tires that blow through rubber like that. The fuel costs must have been ridiculous too.

Did you drive backroads all the way up there? Droning away in a truck on slab is boring. Why didn't you drive up in a sporty car on twisty backroads, pulling a trailer, and get better mileage? Droning slab in a truck is no adventure. It seems stupid too, and it's not exactly how I would do it, so you must be doing it wrong.

'8yrs in the Marines, 'almost a decade of knocking heads in the service industry, I took a ride out to visit family and friends for Thanksgiving at 41yrs old, and my mom confiscated my bike.

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