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Years ago I had a girlfriend with a daughter like that. Her bubble was maybe 50 feet forward, and not at all to either side. Scared me to teach her to drive, but her mom was even worse. She finally totalled the car by pulling right out in front of somebody who was speeding through a red light. That she saw coming, and somehow thought would manage to stop in 20 feet before the intersection.
For MONTHS, she denied any responsibility. Every time it came up, she'd say, "But I had the green light, and that lady was speeding!" and I would reply, "You knew this, and pulled right out in front of her anyway." and she'd say, "But I had the green light!"
And one day we have this conversation, and I say "And you pulled out in front of her anyway." and after about a 30-second pause, she says, "Yeah, I did, didn't I. That makes it my fault."
Don't know if her driving improved, because that whole family was fucked up in many ways. "Dysfunctional" would have been a major step up, but that's another story. I got the hell away from all of them shortly after that.

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