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The night was not very good. I was shivering.
The blanket was cool and even sweater did not help. I woke up with anxiety.
And there was a reason. I had tooth pain which started in Valeraís hut.
Now the pain rolled over me with an enviable permanency,
knocking me out of reality.
Discussion with locals showed that the nearest doctor is in 200 km of dirt road.

Our bikes required maintenance and we had to replenish our food supplies.
A_big asked to go on leave and left to search for sneakers.
Other members rested on the farm and were loosing, fastening, binding,
deflecting, correcting, checking and so on.
The weather was on our side.
The sun was shining without the slightest hint of rain.
At first we did not even believe that it happens.
And later we grew bolder and started pacing in underpants.

Some people even went swimming.

We had to swim under supervision!

The grave of Red Army man Sukhov. We couldnít establish is this THAT Sukhov.
Locals had two opposite opinions.

To stop my howling in pain and attempts to hang myself on Nokia phone charger wire,
I was given a tasty tablet. 20 minutes later, I felt better.
I could finish my bike. Both cockpit supports were cracked.
With Patesí help and a binding wire we have gathered everything in indestructible unit.

We were ready to go but we didnít have radio contact with A_Big.
We have decided that Iíll wait for him and the others slowly go on the trail.
If we are lucky we will catch up with the team in the evening.
Weíve got track and radios are charged.

In less than 10 minutes as everyone left Andew had appeared.
In his favorite sneakers, he told me a harrowing story about a hare and side eye.
Thatís a really freaky forest, if hares are not afraid of space troopers!
We slowly assembled and raced after the team.

Do you like comfort and dry boots?? You ain't one of us!
(Smiley banging its head against the wall)

The setting sun painted everything in golden tones. The mood was great.
Tire tracks were clear.
The landscapes were spectacular!
And what was very important was that smells rose over the valley with the sunset.
Moreover, each field had its own unique heady aroma.
He enveloped you, whirled, sparkled with fragments of kaleidoscope,
stung and burned. We stayed, sniffed, could not breathe in.

We found the entry point to the trail. Radio helped us out once again.
We checked azimuth and started to conquer rocky serpentine.
The black diamond trail Tungur-Inya.

The foreplay is over. We are on the trail. But where is it?
Waist high weeds, rocky screes,
gullies and other hellish offroad obstacles on a puny ledge.

Here is a road which five motorcycles just passed. Or, actually, no hint of road.

And here you can see four motorcyclists.

We sneak with our eyes bulged. And then the tablet stops working. The result is simple: Fuck blya!

Luckily Grom was shooting the movie not far from me.
We got the bike and went on. But I could not keep the overall rhythm.
Toothache is insidious thing, sometimes its OK, sometimes it rolled over me.

I often stopped to catch my breath.
I was exhausted, each subsequent attack became longer.

While I was standing and breathing, curious quadruped came to look at me.

Radio says that we will set up for the night near the brook.
I would have to know where is this fucking brook.

And here is Grom lying around in the bushes. So Iím not so bad.
I asked him for another tasty tablet. It certainly exceeded daily norm,
but its still better than off a cliff.

And here is the brook. Promised dry bed is not confirmed.
The stream is fucking furious.

I laid down in the stream. My weakened hoof could not keep the bike.
Stream covered me. We raised the bike and pushed it out.
Now I have to dry my tent and sleeping bag.
Well at least the wood is in abundance. Pot with hot meals is done on the fire.
Wet suits are hung on the vines. And here the tablet started to act.

Grom went swimming. Members exchanged impressions and told stories for a long time at night.
But I know nothing about that because I fell asleep in a wet sleeping bag.
I was shivering.
Warmed by the thought that we hadnít go that path in the dark.

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